Our Services

CAD drawings for joinery projects.

We offer a design service for Interior Designers and Carpenters where we can make your design ideas come alive by creating 2d or 3d cad drawings for their clients.

We use Microvellum design software which is an industry standard being an AutoCAD-based foundation for 2D & 3D drawing, drafting, and digital prototyping platform.

This enables us to efficiently create the following features:

  • We can use your existing Architectural Drawings with a dxf file and take down your project information without the need for a site visit by us.
  • If you have a 3D Model we can Import this and turn this it into a production item.
  • We can create 2D Drawings which Include full manufacturing drawings in Dxf ready for processing on cnc machines
  • 3D Orbit Target
  • 2D Drawing Sheet Set Manager

 3D Modeling & Prototyping
Visualisation styles we offer:

  • 2D wire frame
  • 3D wire frame
  • Conceptual, hidden view, realistic shaded, shaded with edges
  • X-ray
  • Sketchy cross sections.

We also offer cnc cutting on our Biesse skill cnc machine that has a bed size 1550×3600 at an hourly charge if this service is required for your project.